Electronic Inshell Sorting 

Always improving, in 2013 Superior Almond installed Satake’s new Evolution sorting machine. This amazing machine is more commonly referred to as the “Evo” and can select the best inshell by its color, using RGB (full color red/green/blue) cameras to recognize the full color spectrum.

Satake’s Evolution Sorting Machine the “Evo”

The “Evo” uses electronic optical sorting and can be programmed to sort products that may be difficult with other technologies. Utilizing the user interface, the operator programs in the parameters for acceptable product and product to be rejected.

Once the machine determines that an object falls outside the acceptable parameters, a high speed ejector is activated at the precise time the product passes the ejector nozzle. The good project continues in a straight line and the rejected product is removed from the good stream.

The end result is a higher value inshell product for the grower!