Superior Almond Hulling is a California based company located on the west side of Fresno County near Cantua Creek. Offering almond growers full service processing abilities, Superior Almond begins with coordinating your inbound freight seamlessly with your harvesting operation.

Our extensive Hulling and Shelling services include both in shell and almond meat kernels. Almost immediately, we start preparation of the shipping documents for your contracted buyer for a smooth and easy process.

Superior Almond’s hulling and shelling services are second to none. Each and every almond is handled with the utmost care at every stage of handling process ensuring a truly Superior Almond.


Superior Almond’s Hulling and Shelling services are second to none, ensuring a truly Superior Almond.


Almond Product Handling

While in storage, the product is protected from contamination and or comingling, and monitoring protects it from moisture or insect damage. All product handling is subject to rigorous food safety protocols and equipment sanitation preventing any potential cross contamination. View GAP & GMP's


Almond Receiving & Recording

The identifying information of every load of almonds received (grower, field, variety, field delivery ticket and processing detail) are logged into our system as soon as they are received. This information follows the load as is progresses through our processes, preventing record keeping errors.