Useful Information

Superior Almond’s processing services are second to none, always ensuring a truly Superior Almond. We cover all the bases and then some. Conveniently broken down into five simple steps, Superior Almond offers:

  • Transportation
  • Receiving & Recording
  • Hulling & Shelling
  • Shipping
  • Product Handling

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With careful consideration of our planet in mind, in 2013 Superior Almond will be installing a new 1MW Solar Facility.

Some of the benefits after just one year of use will include:

  • Projected offset of nearly 70 million pounds of Carbon Dioxide
  • It is equivalent to taking 365 cars off the road for 25 years

To learn more about the 1MW Solar Facility, see our Superior Almond Solar Power post here.

Superior Almond Hulling is dedicated to the highest quality of service and standard and therefore strictly uses only the most innovative shelling equipment available. From Aspirators to Shaker Decks and Gravity Tables to Filtration, our Huller is one of the best available.

To learn more about our Huller that is manufactured by LMC, click here.

Superior Almond Hulling practices safe and ethical Harvest Guidelines as presented by the Almond Board of California (ABC).

Covering both, Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Superior Almond proudly follows the key elements of the ABC program.

For more information on GAP & GMP, click here.

As the leading source for almond hulling in Southern California, Superior Almond uses the best equipment available. To see some of our current equipment brands, click here.

The impressive Superior Almond Hulling facility is located on the west side of Fresno County near Cantua Creek in an area called Three Rocks.

For more information on Our Facility, click here.

As one of the many improvements to Superior Almond in 2013, we have installed Satake’s new Evolution sorting machine; also known as the “Evo.”

Using RGB (full color red/green/blue) cameras to recognize the full color spectrum, this amazing machine can select the best inshell by its true color.

To learn more about the “Evo,” read our full post on Electronic Inshell Sorting, here.

Recently expanded, our transportation fleet is stocked with Wesco & Premier Superhopper trailers that are built specifically for almonds.

These impressive, lightweight Wesco & Premier Superhopper trailers offer 13% to 25% more capacity than other almond harvest trailers on the market. This translates to fewer loads per grower and overall reduced transportation costs.

To read more about our Expanded Transportation Fleet, click here.