Our Expanded Transportation Fleet

Superior Almond transportation fleet for the Central and San Joaquin Valley

Our recently expanded transportation fleet is a welcomed addition the the Superior Almond team. Taking careful consideration during every step of the transportation process, Superior Almond uses only the top-of-the-line equipment available. In fact, we recently expanded our transportation fleet with Wesco & Premier Superhopper trailers that are built specifically for almonds.

Lightweight Trailers + More Capacity = Lower Production Costs

These impressive, lightweight Wesco & Premier Superhopper trailers offer 13% to 25% more capacity than other almond harvest trailers on the market. This translates to fewer loads per grower and overall reduced transportation costs.

The Stats:

  • Since Superior Almond Hulling switched to the Superhopper, our average load size has increased dramatically.
  • Superior’s fleet of Superhopper trailers has been expanded consistently over the years.