Trucks & Trailers For Harvest

When you are ready to harvest, we need to coordinate the trucking to have empty trailers on your ranch, and to be prepared to receive your harvested almonds at our plant.

Call In for Harvest Schedule

Growers should call the office for trailers a day or two ahead of harvesting to schedule trailers on the ranch. We will need to know the number of loads per day that are expected to be harvested so that we can provide sufficient trailers and drivers to avoid delays in harvest activity. We need your harvesters name and contact information. The grower/harvester can call the following numbers to obtain trucking services:         

Barry Tayian | Trucking Coordinator | (559) 284-2990

Rene Ceja | Assistant Trucking Coordinator | (559) 356-5446

Superior Almond | Office Phone | (559) 829-9200

Kevin Long | General Manager | (559) 287-5145

Dominick Ramos | Operations Manager | (559) 779-8613

Trailers are unloaded promptly to allow the drivers to return to the field with empty trailers and keep the harvest moving. Most of the time, full trailers are just dropped off for Superior to unload, and the driver will pick up another empty set and return to the field immediately.