Reporting On Your Progress

Updated reporting is available as soon as loads arrive or are processed. Growers can access their reports through our website, or request any report from our office staff. Our office will assist you with setting up your account and obtaining your individual username and password.  Reporting available through our website includes:

Load Reports

Field Ticket Deliveries: lists the individual field loads received at the huller.  Loads are sorted by field and variety, with net weight and status (either stockpiled, staged, or run).

Delivery Commitments: shows all delivered field loads either committed to a buyer or unassigned.

Stockpile Reports

Stockpile Inventory: is a listing of each load currently in the stockpile awaiting processing, with its field and variety identification and its weight and location.

Stockpile History: includes all the same information but also includes those loads already picked up and processed.


Run Summary: gives field load information and meat yields for each processing lot.

Turnout by Run: groups fields and varieties and reports the total field weight, meat weight and turnout percentage.

Run Details: are also available for each lot that also include meat bin ID’s, bin weights, and handler assignment.


Turnout by Grower, Field & Variety:  summarizes each field and its varieties, showing field weight, meat weight and turnout.